The dream starts from the choice of the dress

What is the first thought of a bride when she starts the organization of her wedding? To find the the dress of her dreams. HER bridal dress, the one that will make her feel beautiful. That is why the world of wedding dresses propose such various spectrum of creation every season, so that every request can be fulfilled.

The world of wedding dresses has so many different proposals that it can satisfy any request. It is an eclectic fashion like never before, that of the bride 2021-2022: if on the one hand, in fact, it goes back to its origins and celebrates a woman who is splendid in her natural beauty; on the other hand, it amazes with a distinctly glamorous attitude. 

Fringes, Dior-style bustiers, one-shoulder dresses and floral ramage are just some of the bridal trends that animate the collections that can be found today in Italian ateliers. 

Wedding dresses 2021-2022: here are the trends that brides should not miss, that can dress the simplest and most daring women, the hyper-feminine and the “out of the box” at all costs.

The trends are: bustiers and corsets, balloon sleeves, optical white fabrics, floral lace, maxi volumes, fringes, feathers, sparkling details, V-neck and slits, one shoulder, oversized bows, blazers. Alongside these, of course, there are those trends and details that can be defined as “evergreen”. That is, they never go out of fashion. Go free, in this way, even to colored dresses, to pants suits, to the hems that are shortened both on skirts and on the tops of dresses. Let’s see them in detail! Bustier: the bridal dresses with corset, which in the new collections is extensively revisited, no longer only in the traditional models with large and princely volumes, but also in flowing and succinct lines. The balloon sleeves: puffed, light and imposing, soft and fluid like the ruffles, a detail that “marries” perfectly with the bon ton minimalism of many of the dresses in the new bridal collections, the simpler the dress, the more the sleeves they are special and oversized. Floral ramage: the new soul of lace wedding dresses: a decidedly romantic texture, it is a real evergreen of the bridal collections and every year manages to find a new way of expressing itself. Maxi volumes: a riot of wide wedding dresses, layers and layers of tulle, fabrics that give exaggerated amplitudes to skirts. Even the fringes are the masters, taking us back in time, directly to the 1920s, among cascades of beads and fringes, on the sleeves, on the shoulders, on the tails of the dresses, the versatility of the fringes adapts without shyness to any type of fabric or style, to models with fluid lines and those with more rigid movements, giving each dress a grace and elegance of the past. And also… feathers are back in fashion. After the fringes, it is the plumage effect that gives life to the dresses, making them playful and even a little theatrical. Cascades of stones, crystals, Swarovski and beads illuminate wedding dresses, which have never been so precious and the outfit for the “Yes” day is a true star! 

The dresses of the new bridal collections wink at two red carpet details, symbols of femininity: bold slits, plunging necklines, perfect especially for enhancing those who do not have particularly prosperous breasts. Among thousands of models, details, more or less deep necklines, lace and sparkling fabrics, there is an element that more than others “makes the bride” and that one never tires of looking at: the bow, on the back, at the end of a plunging neckline, tied at the waist, is always perfect. Then there are trends that are never out of fashion, the “evergreens”, which never go out of fashion, which come back year after year in the Bridal collections. This year, for example, green light for colored wedding dresses, trouser suits, hems that are shortened both on skirts and on the tops of dresses. Pink seems to be the new “must have”, in solid color, in a degradé or patterned version, especially in its pastel meaning. There is no shortage of wedding dresses with trousers, a trend born in the distant 60s, they are dusted off from year to year and are the emblem of brides with an unconventional look, who renounce the traditional wedding dress, but not that chic mood and bon ton. And finally there is no shortage of two-piece wedding dresses: the crop top, one of the freshest and cheekiest bridal trends that has emerged on the catwalks and in the collections of recent years. Two-piece wedding dresses are ideal for younger brides, perfect for civil ceremonies and weddings celebrated outdoors. Well, as you can see, the choice is really wide… the brides don’t have to start trying on the dresses!!! 

Photo by:
1  Sergio Sarnicola
2 Giovanna Aprili
3 Morlotti Padova


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