Wedding Planner

Giulia Bolla

Wedding planning is something special and magical: it takes many months to perfect. This is the reason why I’m here: to lead you step-by-step through the choices that will make your wedding day as special as you have imagined it, worries and unforeseen events free.


From the whole organization to the Wedding Coordination Day service. Tell me your dream: together we will make it come true.


The ceremony and wedding party venue choice is the first step to define the whole event style. It must match the bridal’s likes with logistical and organizational needs: everything will develop in harmony. Have you already chosen the venue, or are you still selecting different opportunities? I will support you through this amazing experience.


The city of Everlasting Love where the most famous lovers in history vowed: Romeo and Juliet. Ranging from the beauties of the ancient city to the luxury residences, to the fragrance of Valpolicella hills to the wonderful gardens of the 18th Century villas.

Garda Lake

Ancient poets and artists of the past have sung praises of the magical atmosphere of Garda Lake: ancient villages, historic castles facing the shores provide spectacular views and landscapes. Due to its mild climate and awesome scenarios, Garda Lake has become a most sought-after destination.


Italy provides exclusive venues thanks to its charming natural beauties which are a perfect background for wedding. From North to South each region has its own charm, its history, combining tastes and traditions. Which is your destination? My team and I will provide support in your marriage organization.

Wedding Services

Personalization is my motto. Bridal dedicated services to create exclusive and unique events. Search, style study and design, wedding theme: each detail will be taken care by a specialized team and me.

Special Venues

This is the starting point to plan each ceremony and wedding party detail. The venue must meet the bridal’s expectations, should you either choose a sumptuous restaurant or a dude ranch or even an 18th Century villa.

Catering & Banqueting

A successful wedding party needs a meticulous attention to details as far as menu choice and banqueting services are concerned. The aim is to lead guests to an unforgettable food experience.

Image Consultant

For all the brides who wish to be assisted by an objective and skilled consultant, from the dress choice to the most suitable make up.I give lectures on Bride Image, Dress Code and Bon Ton. It’s a passion of mine.

Mise en place & table design

Stylish table setting is an art: chinaware choice, ad hoc napkin-holder, the creation of artistic centerpieces, fine linen. Guests must be charmed at first glance.

Flower design

Flowers are essential to create the right set-up: they will play a leading role in the atmosphere searched by the couple, whether small arrangements or sculpture like composition: from the ceremony and venue setting to the creation of the bride’s bouquet.

Graphic design

Which is your style? What represents you better? This is the starting point that will make your marriage unique: personalized logo, wedding invitations and tableau marriage, place cards, menu and wedding web site for the most digital friendly.

Entertainment & Music

Guests must not only be entertained bur also escorted through a magical and unforgettable atmosphere: musicians and singers, performers and elegant light entertainment will convey a strong emotional response.


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Not only wedding, I also plan dinner and birthday parties and important occurrences. I plan events for companies and boutiques which wish to share special moments and exclusive parties with their customers, mixing fun, suggestion and creativity.