The magic atmosphere of a wedding in Puglia
The collaboration with my colleague from Lecce Iaia Giangrande gave me the privilege of getting to know, in the land of Puglia, truly spectacular places. I fell in love with the country’s beauty and the magical atmosphere of some magical locations where you can truly enjoy spectacular sunset lights, smell the fragrance of flowers and immerse in countryside colors. Masseria Cuturi is one of these places.

Because the joy of waking up in the Masseria brings good luck to your relationship, and there is no better way to start your married life.
 after sharing the emotions of the night before, under the starry sky seen from the candle-lit terraces, you are surrounded by extraordinary countryside beauty and silence.
Because the wedding day begins with the power of nature that surrounds the Masseria, and a breakfast filled with loving aromas and ancient traditions.
Because the day proceeds to the rhythm of the countryside and by the magical light of the land of Puglia until the “I DO” moment!​​​​​​​
Because the exchange of your rings in the historic country church from the 1600’s (link) takes on the symbolic meaning of eternity.​​​​​​​
Because after the party, designed and enjoyed according to your wishes and desires, your adventure begins with the night in the fairy-tale ‘trullo’ (link), immersed in the baroque and serene air of olive trees, knowing you are exactly where you always wanted to be.​​​​​​​

Because our suggestions leave room for all your imagination to design an exclusive event that will remain in your hearts and of all the people who have lived it by your side.

See Masseria Cuturi video

See Masseria Cuturi

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